Ferry, St. Catherine
Jamaica, W.I.
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THUC’s Official Opening Ceremony

The President’s Speech

Masters of Ceremony,
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding and Mrs. Golding,
Minister of Education, the Hon Andrew Holness,
President of the Northern Caribbean University,
Dr. Herbert Thompson,
President Winston Adams, Founder of The University College of the Caribbean,
Vice President of the University of Technology, Professor Kofi Nkrumah-Young,
Dr. Peter Phillips, Former Minister of National Security
Dr. Las Newman, President of the Caribbean School of Theology,
Dr. Garth Officer,
Mr. Wayne Chen, Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation,
Rev. Dr. Winston Smith,
Bishop W.A Blair,
Dr. Cecil Goodridge, Chairman of the Hydel Group of Schools,
other distinguished ladies and gentlemen, seated on the platform and in the audience.
Exactly seventeen (17) years ago to date, an acorn of a Hydel was planted at 28 Mannings Hill Road, but by the time it became a mere seedling it was transplanted to its present location where it has grown phenomenally into a remarkable Oak tree, the Hydel Group of Schools.
Interestingly, some of you who are seated here this afternoon were, in fact, present at the Hydel acorn planting ceremony, seventeen years ago, and now you are here today to witness the unfolding of the newest branch of the Hydel Oak tree.

Unreserved gratitude, praise and honour truly belong to the Almighty for His countless favours and His enabling power on which Hydel continues to soar on the wings of excellence.

You see, at Hydel we do not know how to give up
Whatever came, whatever happened,
We have kept going
Our eyes remain fixed on our goal,
And we have persisted.
Our vision, commitment and our actions, with the enablement of our Master Teacher, have taken us so far.
When we could make only small steps, we made them and
when we could make great strides
We took them.
Whether the wind was at our backs or was blowing against us, we kept going.
We have made good use of every encounter
Our knowledge of where we wish to go and why, was always intact!
We kept going and here we are today from a mere acorn to a formidable oak tree, of a:
Hydel Nursery
Hydel Pre-School
Hydel Junior Prep
Hydel Senior Prep
Hydel Transition Centre
Hydel Corrective Centre
Three Hydel Special Education Centres
Hydel Junior High,
Hydel Senior High and Sixth Form

Indeed, success breeds success and it is now time for Hydel Group of Schools to add to its education offerings, the Hydel University,beginning with studies towards the Bachelor’s degree in education, and come next year to add the Master’s degree in education.