Ferry, St. Catherine
Jamaica, W.I.
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The President’s Message

As the mere acorn of a Hydel education model evolved, into a phenomenon of a remarkable oak tree of an education community of the Hydel Group of Schools, on August 30, 2009, the Hydel University College, unfolded, during a most impressive ceremony.

In attendance and lending their acknowledgement and support for the University, were Jamaica’s political leaders, nationally and regionally acclaimed education leaders, a most impressive line-up of distinguished faculty and staff, a near three hundred foundation students and a host of civic and business leaders, as well as well-wishers, of a number of communities.

Despite the fact that the Hydel University College is founded a midst a global financial environment, at its most turbulent since World War 2, the eighteen (18) year old Hydel culture has been marked by an indomitable spirit, a vigorous creative flair and an unmistakable audacity which will, no doubt, help to propel the Hydel University College into realms of unprecedented excellence, despite the odds. Of major importance, the President of the University College, is surrounded by a team, armed with enviable, blue chip credentials. Put another way, the Hydel University College is blessed with a band of committed, experienced and talented professionals who yearn to craft and implement the institution’s response to some of the major challenges which abound, not only on the education landscape but with which the wider society, in general, is plagued.

In the process, we are resolute that when we can make only small steps, we will make them and when we can make great strides we will take them. Whether the wind is at our backs or blowing against us, we will keep going and we will do it.

…………….Yes, we will soar on the wings of excellence.!!

Hyacinth Bennett (Mrs)


The Hydel University College