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Jamaica, W.I.
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The Registrar’s Message

The path to professional achievement should never be taken lightly. This demands academic excellence but also the attributes of sound moral and spiritual values. It is the interface between self and the wider society and embraces holistic values and attitudes combined with humility and the will to achieve. The path is long but rewarding when taken with the confidence of knowing what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them.

As you sojourn the breathtaking landscape of The Hydel University College, feel free to explore and endeavour to soar on the wings of excellence. You will meet professors, doctors, lawyers and colleagues with a repertoire of knowledge, experience and academic mastery to assist you to realize your potential.

I am sure that you will find the programmes intellectually enriching and they will serve to enhance your professional development. Be inspired by a quotation taken from our National Hero – Marcus Garvey which states, ” Up you mighty race you can accomplish what you will”.

The Registry is the first office as you enter the grounds of The Hydel University College. There you will find the Registrar and the Administrative staff. The office deals with the processing of applications for the various programmes, ensuring the matriculation requirements are met. Status letters, printing of documents, progress reports, transcripts, all aspects of examination procedures as well as ensuring that your needs, concerns and queries are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Welcome to The Hydel University College and may your tenure fulfil your hopes and desires as you “soar upwards on the wings of excellence”.

Beverley Reid (Mrs)


The Hydel University College