Ferry, St. Catherine
Jamaica, W.I.
E-mail: hydel.university@yahoo.com

THUC’s Values Statement

The transformative agenda, governance culture and the modus operandi of The Hydel University College will be guided by an unwavering commitment to building and guarding a culture of excellence. This will be reflected in academic standards, research, on-going infrastructural development, among others.

Understanding that at the core of a culture of excellence are certain non-negotiable values, The Hydel University College has identified those values which will enable it to achieve its mission and the vision:

    • A positive, supportive and participative culture where colleagues are ¬†valued and developed.


    • Excellence and high quality standards.


    • Innovation, creativity and enterprise.


    • Professional and ethical conduct.


    • Productive partnerships.


    • Inclusion – our colleagues are.


  • Diversity in faculty, student body and educational offerings.